Day 161 of 365

I love training Safety to a class when I have an older cast member in the room. I know that it sounds strange but generally the older cast really sees the importance of the class and they genuinely give you their full attention. I would be lying if I said that the class is fun to attend. The information given is extremely important but the expectations of how we are required to deliver it could put an insomniac to sleep.

I had the honor of having one of our Entertainment Cast in my class today, he has been playing the piano for Disney for well over 15 years. Sometimes it hard to read cast as your teaching, especially when a few are continuously trying to keep themselves awake, or when you ask questions no one answers. At the end of class my entertainer came up to me and thanked me and told me that he really learned some things he didn't know and he invited me to come see him perform and he'd have me come up and lead the Hokey Pokey, ;-) (you have to have been in one of my classes to get why that is so funny.)

It's funny to admit how passionate I can be about safety, when just a year ago I was ready to give up facilitating this class, but sometimes you don't choose what you enjoy doing, sometimes it chooses you.

Love, peace and be careful ;-)


PS: I had a friend tell me this morning that come day 365, I better not stop writing because she won't have anything to read at breakfast anymore. Don't worry, I don't have any plans to stop once this year is over, but we never know where life will take us.

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