Day 159 of 366

So, the phonelines are down at my house so no internet but thamlfully my phone is cooperating with me. so this may come as a shock to some but I started seeing an acupuncturists last week to help me with my sinus problems. I can hear some of the critics now saying I'm going against my beliefs but I believe it takes just as much space to trust in eastern medicine as it does in western medicine, besides I believe that God led me to a place that can finally help me feel better without having to take all of those medicines all the time. since december I have been to the doctor every month at least once a month for a sinus infection, in the past week I have slept so well and I am finally breathing better. I thank God everyday for bringing this place to my attention and for allowing me to trust this was the right move for me. what I am learning from this is that when you focus on taking care of 1 party your body many times it will also help another part of your body. just like when you make a small change in your life I can have a big affect on you in the long run by opening yourself up to making other small changes. as I write about this I'm having a joy bubble thinking about how I am doing better for myself, not just threw going to this acupuncturist but also because I registered for my first 5 k race today. my older brother has totally inspired me, in the future maybe I would like to do a half marathon, but for now small baby steps. Love, peace and believe in it safe and you make their yours and no one elses Musicsongbird this blog was voice texted tonight please forgive any errors Get a 100% FREE Online Diet

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