Day 158 of 365

Sometimes when we make simple changes in our lives, a new hair style, a new outfit, a temporary change of scenery, it really opens our eyes in a new way. We may be more relaxed or feel a little more confident, it may even add another spring to our step. Don't you just love that feeling?

As I make small changes in my life I am noticing those tiny joy bubbles, where I just feel a little better each time I realize the steps I have taken to better things for myself.  I get a joy bubble when I mark something off my to do list, or when I see a comment about my writing. You probably thinking, she has gone off the deep end again, what the heck is a joy bubble? Well, it's something I just put a name to. It's that feeling you get when you feel that happiness just bubble up inside you. It makes your heart smile, so I call it a joy bubble.

Be sure to acknowledge and celebrate your joy bubbles, don't just dismiss them and push them aside. A little self appreciation never hurt, in fact it can help. Acknowledging your accomplishments no matter how big or small will encourage you to the next step forward in your life.

love, peace and let the joy bubbles out!

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