Day 156 of 365

Passion, what a powerful word. Each of us says it and it evokes a different feeling within us. I can be passionate about a person, or a place or something I do. As I prepare to go home for my 20th High School reunion next month I remember a time when I was passionate about so many different things. New Kids on the Block is definitely towards the top of the list. I ate, drank, slept and breathed the New Kids. From collectibles, to music, to writing stories about them, You could definitely say I was passionate about them. The other thing kids from class would say is that I was passionate about my religion. The other music I listened to, the shirts that I would wear, the words I would speak would show my passion for my beliefs.

As I look back on those days I can see where in some ways I was so right on target and others where I was so far off.  I can totally see with clearer vision now how even though my motives were pure, my actions weren't always what Jesus would do. Now I am afraid one of my best friends still views my christian beliefs based on how I was back then, instead of how it is right now. I have always had this personality that draws people to me and I am afraid that in the past I didn't use it the way God intended me to.  So, now I want to be passionate about the person God has made me to be, the sometimes Loud, outgoing, singing, writing, shoulder to cry on, friend when you need one, ear to listen, heart to love, person I can be. I want to strive to be passionate in everything I do, no matter how small the task or deed.

Love, peace and stir within me the passion to succeed

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