Day 155 of 365

Not a day goes by that I don't miss my dad. Especially today as I was driving back from buying the "World's Best Cat Liter," yes that is the actual name and it lives up to that name for sure. My car wasn't driving right and then I think I saw a little smoke coming from out of the hood. So as soon as I could pull over I checked the oil and ran into Walmart and bought some and then popped the hood again and put it in. The whole time all i could think of was how my dad didn't teach me a lot about cars but he did teach me how to check the oil and how to put it in.

 So very often I hear kids and teenagers say such awful things to their parents even after they just spent a ton of money to bring them into Disney and are buying them everything they look at, it just makes me sad. I am going to sound a little old but back in my day we didn't talk back to our parents and scream at them in public because it would get us a whole heap of trouble. Also, when I was old enough to walk, I walked. We have parents of 8 year old and up renting strollers for their children. When the parents balk at the rental price we suggest that a wheelchair would be cheaper and you know what response we get? "I don't want them to be embarrassed by being seen in a wheelchair." WHHHHOOOOOOAAAA!!! Hold the phone mom and dad, you are ok with your 10 year old riding in a stroller but you are embarrassed for them to be in a wheelchair? Why don't you have your lazy kid walk? Walking is healthy. You never heard Laura Ingles (Little House on the Prairie) complain that she needed a stroller to get around. We are raising a nation of lazy kids. There is no more getting up to change the channel, heaven forbid they get up to change their game in their X-box or Wii, and we don't even have to get up to answer the phone anymore thanks to wireless and cell phones. Is Wall*E a true vision of our world to come?
Let's hope not....

Love, Peace and get out and walk!

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