Day 154 of 365

I am so bad at making lists..Well, scratch that...I am good at making them just bad at completing the tasks I made for myself on them. Sometimes I think the only way to accomplish things is for me to post the things I need to get done in my blog so that I have all of you to hold me accountable... So, I am not doing very well with my weight. I doesn't see, to matter with my body what I eat, it doesn't want to let go of the weight. So, I think I need to take the focus off of the weight and focus it back on making simple changes in my diet and exercise routines, maybe then I will start to see changes in my body. People always say when you stop looking that's when you find things, maybe when I stop looking to loose weight I will find I actually am loosing. Love, peace and just stop looking... musicsongbird

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