Day 151 of 365

My internet is back!!!! See here is Wednesday's Blog! I think I am an extremely tolerant person, but sometimes there are those people you come across that you just lose your patience from the moment they open their mouth. The kind of person that claims to know it all but every five minutes they are coming over to ask you questions that don’t relate to anything in particular or in my case they come over and try to “help” me train MY trainee. I know this makes me sound like a heartless person but the truth is when I am trying to a new cast member, don’t try and do my job for me. I have been doing this job for 4 years and if I have a question about something I don’t have a problem asking for help. So until I do so, please don’t interfere or I may not be so magical when I pull you backstage and tell you in no uncertain terms how you are bothering us. Oh, and if I am having a conversation with a guest and you can see it is very involved don’t interrupt because no one is paying attention to you. Obviously if the guest wanted to talk to you they would have approached you. It’s called courtesy, it’s one of the four keys, comes after safety, perhaps you remember that vaguely? Sorry for the rant but even though I had yet another amazing evening training, there is always that one extra hours person that doesn’t get it. Love, peace and hold your tongue Musicsongbird

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