Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 182 of 365

I can't believe I have stuck with this blog for 6 whole months. I started looking through my past blogs and seeing the changes in not only me but my writing as well. I am loving hearing from my readers when something really touches them or that they are supporting me in my crazy adventures, or they totally agree with my rants and raves.  If you would have told me that by the last day in June I would have over 4800 hits to my blog I would have laughed in your face. Plus that number doesn't include everyone that is reading my blog via email (and I don't know how to even know what that number is).

So please oh please don't stop reading and I will promise to keep writing what I hope will be fun, exciting, insightful, tear jerking, self realizing, mischief making, smile creating stuff.

(I know, it's a cheap shot using the picture of the cute kittie...but a girls got to do what a girls got to do)

To all of you I know outside of the web, thank you for your words of encouragement and your friendship and support. And to those that I have written about, thank you for allowing me to use your stories.

For a little girl that was subjected to such horrible experiences and such a bad self image problem, I believe this platform has become one of healing and of proudly displaying my strive to survive my past.  I am no longer that scared little girl, I am a strong confident woman.

I don't know what is going to come in the next 6 months, but what I do know is that I am ready to let it happen. The big things and the small, bring them on! Let the next adventures begin...

Love, peace and let the journey continue...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 181 of 365

This post really spoke to me tonight. As I look back over the past six months that I have been writing this blog, I have experienced all of these things.

I am trying to learn from my own mistakes and not focusing on the mistakes of others. I can't fix anyone else, I can only fix how I view others and except them and their differences.

I am working on allowing the wounds I have received from loved ones, realizing that holding on to the hurt doesn't make my life any better.

I am learning to set rules for my life and try and follow them, and when I slip up, I don't give up.

 Many years ago I learned that you never want to miss the opportunity to tell someone you love them, because you never know when it could be the last time.

And I never want to give up on my dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem to others, they are mine and no one else's.

Love, peace and don't give up...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 180 of 365

A great way to jump start a diet is, if you haven't drank milk in almost a year, gulping down a big ice cold glass of it could bring tummy troubles most assuredly; thus you won't feel like eating the rest of the night.

The best ailment to a sad spirit is fun with a friend or two; especially if the fun is having your friends watch you get stuck with like 10-15 needles and then you get to see their faces when they get stuck with just one. (true story, made me giggle a little to see their reactions)

The best advice I learned today came at of all places, the Osceola County Clerks Office.

As soon as I saw it I had to whip out my phone a snap a picture so I could remember it. There is just so much truth in this quote. I feel like I need to post it on my bathroom mirror and on my fridge and in my car and in my cubicle (when I get one). I have been talking about moving towards my dreams and goals a lot lately and the big thing this has taught me is that the only reason we give up on dreams is because we give up. 

I am single...I give up
I don't make enough money....I give up
I gained back the 10 pounds I lost...I give up
It gets to hard...I give up 

There wasn't anyone else in this scenario but me, I am my biggest obstacle. When things get rough that should be our clue we are going the right direction. If I want to lose weight than I need to learn that I can't give up after one slip, I can't give up after one indulgent day or week; I need to keep pushing myself ahead. 

If I don't make enough money but I love what I do, maybe I need to look at the things in my life and see:

1. is there a way I can make a little extra money
2. are there things I am doing after I get each check that can be reduced or eliminated? (ex. eating out, buying luxury items)
3. Ask myself, is this a want or a need?
4. Make a budget and stick to it...

We were never promised life would be easy. If you had a dream "car" that you really wanted and you were given the keys, it was paid in full and the first day out you are flying down the roads, in and out of traffic and you have an accident and you are OK but the car is total. How would you feel? Would you be sad, probably a little, but you really aren't out anything right?

Now what happens if you work for years to save up for your dream "car" and the day you get it you are out driving, are you going to drive it recklessly and without abandon? No, because you had to work for years to get that "car." You may not have gotten it in the time frame you originally hoped for but you never gave up. 

When we chose to push past our biggest hurdle, SELF, we will find our dreams at the end of the road. 

Love, peace and NEVER give up on your Dreams

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 179 of 365

I hate having a friend that needs help, either emotionally or financially, and there is nothing I can do. My hurt aches for the frustration and sadness they are going through. All I can do is pray for them and be a shoulder for them to lean on or cry on if they need to.

I know that is why God came up with friends. He knew that we wouldn't always have our family around to help us when we are down or when we need to celebrate, when we need to cry or when we need a good laugh. So he created friends. They are those people that know you almost better than you know yourself. They share you secrets, your jokes, your ups, your downs and everything in between. They are better than family sometimes because you get to chose them and if you are really lucky you get to hang on to them for a lifetime.

Sometimes they come to be from the weirdest situations and other times they just happen. No matter what a true friend is the best thing you can have.

Love, peace and keep your friends close

And having a true friend means you never have to go through things alone...<3

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 178 of 365

Last week I received a text from a friend asking me if I would write a character reference for them, my first thought was, crap I've never written one of those, but in the next second, I typed back sure when do you need it? So, tonight I wrote my first character reference and I have to say I was truly honored to be asked. So, I would like to share what I wrote for her.

Dear Sir or Madame,

I am writing you on behalf of my friend and co-worker, MU When I met M almost five years ago, I was immediately impressed with her work ethic, passion and commitment to her job at Walt Disney World. 
Our leaders really respect M’s abilities in handling Hotel Delivery; from the time she clocks in until the time she goes home she is dedicated to her job, no matter what is asked of her.  She leads by example, showing up on time and in costume, ready to work.  Keeping the location clean and organized is a priority to her and when time is getting tight or the work load gets heavier she works that much harder to assure that Guests receive their purchases on time. 
When it comes to diversity in the work place, she has no problem working with others; no matter if they are our College or International College Program Cast or our Retired Seasonal Cast, she respects and appreciates what she can teach them and what they can teach her.  When I bring new Cast members into Hotel Delivery she is the first person I introduce them to, because I know she will treat them with patience and kindness. She offers them a very thorough over view of the shop and delivery services. She also gives them the reassurance that the senior cast members, like her, are always there to help when they need it; especially if there is a Guest situation that is too much for them to handle.  Having worked for all these years at Disney she has learned how to communicate with the public and deal with stressful situations that some of our own Leadership team has trouble dealing with. If I have a Guest issue that is too much for me to handle I know I can rely on her to back me up.
The dedication for her job and her friendships is the same one she has for her studies. During her breaks and free time she can be found tucked away pouring over her school books preparing for her future.  Like her position at Disney she is passionate about helping others and making a difference. She has inspired me to keep looking ahead no matter how long and hard the road may seem, because you will find your dream in the end. 

I hope and pray that she gets to live out her dream and I am blessed that I know her and trusted me to write this on her behalf.

Love, peace and follow your dreams

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 177 of 365

I almost think we may need to build an ark. The rain is just relentless and so is my head ache is as well.

I have something to grieve about today and I am sure my friends that work in other parts of the travel industry will agree with me as well. Before any of you start thinking, oh no she is talking about me, I have been talking with my co-workers recently so chill out, but if you think it's something you have done to friends or family maybe you should take some of these suggestions as a wake up call the next time you think of calling or emailing or facebooking.

1. Please don't ask me for discounted or free tickets...I am only given so many each year and I save them for my family and close friends.
    - If I haven't seen you in years, plan on paying your own way and for your own stay. (again unless I offer)

2. Family: If you need help with planning your vacation travels don't do it at the last minute. Most of the time we can't help you on such short notice.

3. If you are coming to my destination please don't just assume my home is a bed and breakfast. Accommodations are limited.

4. Please don't assume I will be able to get you other discounts as well...

5. If you are asked to be a guest, be a gracious one, offer to help out during your staff. If I decline your help that is one thing, but to never offer may not be asked back.

6. Many of us play tour guide and vacation planner to guests and customers all day long, please don't expect me to want to do it for you as well. Remember, many times your visit is our vacation too.

Sorry it was such a rant but it's been going through my mind for some time now. Especially after talking with my co's.

Love, peace and respect

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 176 of 365

Blast you Debby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the reason my head is aching and I am chilled to the bone. If you live in Florida or any state along the Gulf you know who Debby is, for those of you that don't have the NHC (National Hurricane Center) as a bookmark on your computer Debby is the trouble making Tropical Storm cruising through the Gulf and is causing tons of rain to fall and my head to hurt. :-(

Other than that it has been a great day. I was able to reunite with members of my team that I haven't seen in weeks. It was so fun to get to spend the day with them dodging rain drops, we weren't very successful with that, and getting to see many of our friends in the countries and in the future.

Even though today was rainy and nasty we managed to get some work done and have some great interactions along the way. This could have been a day where the three of us just gave up and said. let's go home, instead we hung in there and ended up having a good time. Sometimes when we wish things away we miss out on the good times we are craving.

Love, peace and don't wish away your day...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 175 of 365

I always told myself I would never go on another Diet. Diet's just don't work in my opinion. What works is changing what you eat. Monitoring what you are putting in your body and how your body reacts to it. I have noticed after I eat some foods I feel fatigued, or my tummy hurts, or congested in my chest or I feel great. I think what I need to do is do what I do best, not eat, but write about what I eat and how it makes me feel. So, I am going to attempt that and maybe along the way I will discover which foods work best for my body and which ones need to put aside, even if it means giving up some of my favorites, like....CHEESE. :-(

I'm not saying I can't eat these "bad" foods but for now I need to try and avoid them as best as I can and see what happens to my body. I think the worst thing we do to ourselves is not listening to what our body is telling us. I learned a cool thing from a friend. She said when she has dessert or a snack, she will take a bite and savor it, she may even take a second or third bite but when it gets to the point where you aren't "tasting" the food you are putting in your mouth and you are just mindlessly eating it, that's when you need to stop and wait for your body to catch up. If in 20 minutes you are still hungry, you may need to reevaluate what you are consuming. 

So, that is what I am planning on doing...

love, peace and stay away from things made of cheese ;-)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 174 of 365

I'm going to be totally honest, not that I have ever lied here but, it's nice to have friends come and have a mini staycation, but I am really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I miss my work family and friends. I miss the magic and fun each day brings. Besides I think I need to go back to work to get some rest. ;-)

Tomorrow is d day... I will be starting a daily walking program and monitor my eating habits. No soda between now and my trip home on July 20th for the 20th High School reunion. I am too exhausted to write anymore but guess what? Tomorrow is a new day of new adventures at the Most Magical Place on Earth, and guess who is training her favorite Safety class all day tomorrow? That's right, ME!

Love, peace and happy early morning weigh in to me!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 173 of 365

I had a nice day with Mom, BFF and BGF  having breakfast, then visiting Gatorland and then having Lunch. This evening BFF, BGF, LTBGF and I took a trip to the beach. We were able to reminisce about High School and have our own pre-reunion reunion. It was nice to just hang together like we did all those years ago and be ourselves. No one was anyone's mom, or wife, or employee, or boyfriend, or girlfriend, or son, or daughter. It was just four fantastic friends from high school getting reacquainted after many many years of separation.

It was so nice to walk along the sand and run in and out of the waves taking funny pictures of each other and laughing and joking. As we sat in a beach side bar/restaurant I asked everyone, "Did any of you ever think back when we were in High School, that we would be sitting in some random bar in Florida all together 20 years later?" The only thing I knew back then is that BGF and I were going to be going away to college together in the fall to be suite mates, LTBGF was going across state to another college and BFF was staying in Town to go to a University.

All these years later it is crazy to see how we all came to meet up again for this special night. With one I had lost touch, then regained it, then lost it again, only to regain it thanks to Facebook. One I never really stopped talking to, even when we had our ups and downs. And the other, we had a falling out for a few years but reunited after I moved to Florida.

Even though our lives have all changed from our original plans for ourselves way back then, we are all living our new dreams for ourselves now. We have done a lot of growing up and out. (lol) We have faced fears in our lives and are still here to tell the story about them. It's even easier to face any new fears now because we all have each other once again.

Love, peace and forever friends

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 172 of 365

My Sophomore year in High School and Sophomore Year at WDW
I love getting to spend time with old friends...I don't mean age in this instance I mean friends I have known for a long time...And when I mean long time I mean like more than half of my life. BGF and I have known each other since the 7th grade, where as LTBGF (Long Time Best Girl Friend) and I have known each other since like 3rd or 4th grade. 

We all met up tonight and went to dinner and than a walk around downtown visiting Ghiradelli for a free chocolate caramel square and than ice cream (which we had to pay for) and a trip to the Lego store! There was a lot of laughing and reminiscing of the old days back when we were all in Junior High and High School. Chatting about different people we all knew and wondering who we would see next month at the reunion. 

It was nice to realize that all those years ago when be wrote things like FF (friends forever) or I'll never forget you in each others yearbooks, that they were actually true. No matter what we have gone through over the past 20 years, we have managed to hang on to the good memories and realize our friendships are true. 

It also made me realize how crazy we can be when we hold on to things that happened years ago and hash them over again and again. It doesn't make life easier when we dwell on things of the past, it just makes us stop living in the present. I guarantee if I were to walk up to one of those people that I had stopped being friends with in High School over some trivial occurrence and said, "you know you were a real jerk to me and I can't believe you treated me that way and I am glad we stopped being friends." Do you know they would probably have no idea what I was talking about. In fact they would probably just shake their head and walk away. 

This is the past dwelling I am talking about. You have to get to a point in your life where things like that have to be let go of. It isn't doing you and good and more than likely the person on the other end doesn't even remember why you stopped being friends or why you had a fight or how they even hurt you. Harboring grudges just make you more miserable. When you can learn to let go of all of that garbage you can than grow as an individual and feel better about yourself. 

With this new outlook I am looking forward to seeing everyone I graduated with next month, good memories and not so good, but now they are better since I am going to stop harboring the hurt. 

Love, peace and an emotional release!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 171 of 365

It's scary watching What Not To Wear sometimes, because I can see myself and I can see some of my friends as well in the anbushees. I would love to meet Stacy and Clinton and of course Carmondy! When most people on the show are asked if they want to hand over all of their clothes and go to New York to get a new whole wardrobe they pause and kind of hesitate, if  were asked I would jump up and down and say please make me over!!!!!

I don't know what inside of me makes me want to constantly change my hair or my room decor or my living room set up. I know some people that never change anything, they are constantly stuck in the same style, the same fit of clothes, the same home layout and decor. To them they fear change. I want to change and look different, I want to look better but than I get on the scale and I look in the mirror and say why. But then that little voice in the back of my mind says, why not. Why not do something to feel better about yourself, why not do something to make you want to look in the mirror and see how great you can look.

My most recent hair change has made me stop and really look at myself. For the first time in a long time, I am looking at myself differently. I know some of my friends have had mixed feelings about it and some just flat out say they don't like it, but you know what? It's not about what they think, it's what matters most to me. If I feel better about the way I look then it's an improvement to MY self image, not theirs. If it gives me that boost of confidence I have so been craving, than its a boost for ME not them.

Love, peace and self confidence!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 170 of 365

I tried to put on a pair of my shorts from last summer this morning...they didn't fit. Which means the other 3 pairs hanging next to them will not fit either. When are things going to give? When will my body start working for me instead of against me? I want to lose weight and be healthier but there is still something there keeping me from doing it.

I need to retrain my body and my mind to get serious about making better choices. What I don't need is a bunch of people telling me, do this and don't do that. I need cheerleaders to give me positive reinforcement, not a bunch of advice. The soon someone tried to give me too much advice I turn my back and start doing the opposite and I end up back where I am now.

I have 32 days until my 20th High School reunion and my first time singing at Church since moving to Florida. I want to be able to take last years shorts with me on my trip and be able to wear them. I want my brothers and sisters in law to see a difference when they see me, to know I am really working at it. My previous health coach and therapist said to make small changes and small goals. So, Friday my vacation will end and the first leg of my journey will begin.

My first goal is to lose 15 pounds before I leave for St. Louis.
How will I do it? I will incorporate more vegetables into my diet. At this point it is seriously lacking them. I will cut down on dairy intake. I already stopped drinking milk almost a year ago, so now it will be cutting down on cheese and ice cream. (my temptresses) I will also begin walking a minimum of 15 minutes per day.

Say your prayers and send your well wishes, I really need the encouragement and I will keep you updated!

Love, Peace and staying away from things fried in grease!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 169 of 365

Today is Father's Day. We celebrated our last Father's Day with my Dad in 1998. In just three short months (September 1998) we said our goodbyes until we see him again in heaven.

My Dad was a great Dad, He called me Zelda; I was his favorite daughter. (I'm his only daughter) I have so many fond memories of my Dad, especially if they involve bowling, softball or picking me up from Six Flags. My dad was a longtime bowler, just like my Grandma and Grandpa. I remember going to the bowling alley with him throughout my early childhood.

The most memorable time was when Dad had to take me with him to Bowling and Mom was going to pick me up after she flew back in from a trip to Texas. Dad fed me my favorite dinner, Corn Hotdish and than we headed to Red Bird Bowling Alley. I was sitting in front of the bar on the floor when without warning my tummy rejected my dinner in a neat pile in front of my Indian style legs. The next thing I know I am flying through the air in the arms of my Dad, who is rushing me into the men's room to finish unloading my sour stomach. My Dad didn't think twice when he realized his baby Daughter was sick, he moved quickly to take care of the situation.

The other thing I knew without a doubt about my Dad was that he really truly loved my Mom. He would bring her, and sometimes me, yellow roses; they may have come from the gas station at times, but it was the thought that counted. Mom carried yellow roses in their wedding and they are her favorite and he knew that.  He would also surprise her from time to time by bringing her a plain double cheeseburger, one of her favorite treats.

Even though my Dad had a rough time verbalizing his love to us, there was never a doubt in mine or my brothers' minds that we were loved. He supported my brothers and me in what we wanted to do and the activities we participated in. Whether it was sporting events or musical performances he was there. I'm sure if he was still alive he would read my blog, secretly. ;-)

I also believe he would LOVE living in Florida. He would be my like his brother and play golf 6 days a week and would love spending time with Mom in the Florida sun. I know he would be proud of me for living out my Disney dream and for my brothers finding happiness with their amazing wives. He would love his 7 grandsons and granddaughters and his 1 brand new great granddaughter. The only thing that would have disappointed him would have been if we kids weren't happy.

We miss you Dad and we love you so much. Happy Father's Day in Heaven...
Zelda (Musicsongbird)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 168 of 365

So very often we feel sorry for ourselves and the things we go through in our lives... Today when BGF and I were out on an adventure of Outlet proportion I was talking about my blog and how ever since I started writing and opening up about myself to the world, others I have met have been opening up to me, which some of those stories I have already shared in the past few months. 

I love that others want to share their stories with me, just as I have been sharing mine with all of you. I believe God has others share these stories to help them get through things but also to teach me things I may need to know about myself or maybe to tuck away for a later time. 

One of my favorite movie lines, besides, "Quick, take off my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and cause them to break up." - The Wedding Singer, is from Evan Almighty. 

"Let me ask you something. If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient? If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous? If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them opportunities to love each other?"

Sometimes we go through things to learn about ourselves and others though opportunities he puts in front of us. We just have to be open to receive them and see them for what they are. The next time a friend, or family member, or neighbor or maybe a co-worker or even a guest or customer starts to talk to you about some little thing in their life, don't blow them off, be willing to listen. It might be your opportunity you have been asking for. 

Love, peace and golden opportunities

Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 167 of 365

The sun, the sand the smell of the rain? If you have never been to Madeira Beach it's one of my favorite beaches to go to since moving down to Florida. They have clean beaches, clean bathrooms and just down the street is John's Pass, a shopping and dining area right on the Gulf.

Mom, BFF, BGF and I made the trip this afternoon. It was a rough start due to the fact that we hit traffic as soon as we hit Tampa and an hour and a half trip turned into an almost two and a half hour trip to get to the beach. Thank you Floridiot drivers! (Slowed down to watch an accident on another part of the highway get towed, REALLY?!)

The beach was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, the water was fantastic up until the giant black clouds started getting precariously close. So we changed into our shopping clothes and headed to John's Pass for some shopping and some belly stuffing. BGF tried Oysters on the half shell for the first time, she also tried Conch fritters and chocolate covered bacon. It was a day of first for her.

It's so fun to be with friends and family when they experience something new for the first time. To watch them think through the experience. To see their face change from curiosity, to in trepidation, to discovery and then to the point where they realize why something is so good or exciting. To share in the celebration of this new personal triumph, is like magic.

It's also fun to watch my Mom as she explores looking for just the right stone, or rock or shell and seeing her childlike excitement when she has found one she has deemed as the "good one." I love watching BFF walk along with her and help her find her treasures. To see the happiness in his eyes as she excepts his find. To see them get that shinning excitement in their eyes.

BGF and BFF - my new favorite quote: Friends by accident, family by choice.

Love, peace and forever friends

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 166 of 365

A long three + weeks is finally over and my favorite mom has returned home. Along with one of my best girlfriends off all time (from hence forth shall be known as BGF)!!! She will be here a week of fun in the Florida sun!

I have had a rough week, today was no exception trying to rest my back and yet still needing to make sure everything was ready for their arrival. So, now my back is still a little sore and my car is in the shop until who knows when hopefully tomorrow morning and then I will get her back. But through it all my BFF was there to help me get things done and to calm me down when I was freaked out over my car, and even though he yelled at me (Don't worry he has apologized a million times already, even though you know in the movies when the person is freaking out and they are out of control and they just won't stop freaking out and then someone slaps them and then they stop and realize that is just what they needed? That's kinda what his yelling did for me) where was I?

Oh yeah! He got me through it all today and still met back up with us tonight after the airport for a late night supper to welcome Mom and BGF back!  I am so blessed to have some of the best friends.  There are some people that think that they need tons and tons of people around them to make them feel happy but I only need small group to make me feel like family.

Love, peace and tell you friends how much they mean to you....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 165 of 365

I have to say a Big Giant Happy Birthday to my bff! I had the pleasure of getting to make for him a special birthday dinner consisting of Spaghetti, salad and garlic cheese bread, topped off with a home made chocolate cake with chocolate icing! We watched Captain America the First Avenger also. It was a nice relaxing evening with a fantastic friend.

The only thing that would have made it better is if my back weren't killing me. It has been hurting since I woke up this morning and ironically enough I had to facilitate the safety classes at work today and teach cast members on how to NOT injure themselves. Lol!

Thankfully both my classes weren't horrible, in fact in both classes I had cast members that enjoyed the class and learned some new things. But on the flip side I had a cast member in class this afternoon that is normally a 5th grade teacher and I wonder if his own class understands what he is teaching because when he answered one of my questions about leverage I asked him if he wanted to elaborate on it and I think he confused all of us. Also, in the middle of class he pointed out about how I wear a wrist brace and that instead of suffering I should call his brother the hand surgeon and he can fix my carpal tunnel in a 10 minute office visit, and when I tried to tell him I am going the non-surgical route of acupuncture he poo pooed it and insisted on giving me his brothers card.

Am I the unsolicited advice receiver this week or what?  Didn't I go through a similar experience just two days ago? Enough already!Just because you think your brother or your doctor is wonderful, if I tell you I am trying to do the non-surgical non-expensive route...BUTT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please :)

Love, peace and Happy Birthday BFF!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 164 of 365

Sometimes you just need a change, whether it's a change of clothes, or hair style or just a change of scenery. I am one of those people that needs to switch things up now and then and for me, moving furniture of pictures or nick knacks is therapy. And maybe it's just something we all need once in awhile.

There are times I look at myself in the mirror and think, girl what are you thinking? You are looking rundown and it's time for a change. Don't worry the blogging isn't ending. It's only the beginning. I realized everything I have been doing for myself lately has just been that, things for me...I am changing, growing, learning and appreciating.

Changing: My mind about the person that is looking back at me...

Growing: To like that person I see in the mirror...

Learning: That there is more to me than just the fat girl looking back...

Appreciating: The talents God has given me....

Love, peace and changing me


Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 163 of 365

I am so exhausted. The heat today just sucked my energy out of me completely. As much as I love my job, there are some people that make it so hard for me to want to do my job. You know those people that get an attitude with you even though you are there to help bail them out. It would be different if this was their first time acting like that but it is becoming more and more of a regular occurrence. All I can do is just do my job and ignore the negative. Did I mention how much the sun has wiped me out today? I hurt in places that I haven't hurt in quite awhile. Standing on concrete is never good for you and not being prepared to be working outside is never good for you. I feel very blesses that I didn't end up with heat stroke. My water bottle is now going to become my best friend once again. Why do older people think it's ok to talk about other peoples weight and then point out your problem as well? I know they think they mean well but at some point they are really going to end up hurting and or offending the wrong person. It really just bothers me when others try and tell you how you should eat and then point out the obvious like, you need to loose weight because you aren't healthy. Ironically enough, I know I need to lose weight but until you are a doctor and have read my medical charts, don't just assume because I am fat that I'm not healthy. I don't have high blood pressure, my blood sugars are normal. You need to remember back to when your mom taught you, that if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it. love, peace and bite your tongue Musicsongbird

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 162 of 365

I think there were a few misunderstandings to my end post last night. I am not planning on stopping writing any time soon. I am just saying after the 365 I don't know where this will go, maybe 366 or maybe a new blog? I really never thought I would enjoy writing like this as much as I am . Each morning I check for comments and then I start thinking about what I am going to write. I make the time to write, which I deem "me time."

I worked with an extraordinary young woman today. She is very well spoken, a little shy, but excited to be working for the Mouse. We have a lot of things in common like favorite shows and our love of Disney, but she has a super power. She has Magic ears. Due to hearing loss from birth she wears hearing aids. Unless you see them you would not be able to tell. It's crazy because when she was a baby and the doctors realized she has moderate hearing loss her mother wanted to put her in school for the deaf; the school informed her mother that if she did she would probably never learn to talk. Her bother balked at that and put her in the school anyway and now she has graduated High School and is attending college studying to become a Special Education Teacher.

When one of her new leaders asked if she wanted to let the rest of the team know that she is "hearing impaired," she responded by telling them she preferred to tell others she is hard of hearing. "Saying you are hearing impaired makes it sound like I am broken. I'm not broken, I am just hard of hearing."

So very often we look at someone with a disability and we think, wow what a rough road they must have a head of them, but once again we stand corrected. So many people don't think to look to these men and women as the inspiration that they are. We take so many things for granted like the music we hear, the sound of children's laughter, the sound of the wind, what it feels like to run or jump, or the colors in a rainbow after a summer storm. What would the world be like without the music of Beethoven, Andrea Bocelli, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder; or the acting skills of Linda Bove (Linda the Librarian on Sesame Street), Marlee Maitlin (Academy Award Winner), Chris Burke (Corky on Life Goes On 1989-1993), Lauren Potter (Becky on Glee) I could go on...

We all deserve the same opportunities as everyone else no matter what we look like or how we communicate.

Love, peace and being an inspiration Musicsongbird

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 161 of 365

I love training Safety to a class when I have an older cast member in the room. I know that it sounds strange but generally the older cast really sees the importance of the class and they genuinely give you their full attention. I would be lying if I said that the class is fun to attend. The information given is extremely important but the expectations of how we are required to deliver it could put an insomniac to sleep.

I had the honor of having one of our Entertainment Cast in my class today, he has been playing the piano for Disney for well over 15 years. Sometimes it hard to read cast as your teaching, especially when a few are continuously trying to keep themselves awake, or when you ask questions no one answers. At the end of class my entertainer came up to me and thanked me and told me that he really learned some things he didn't know and he invited me to come see him perform and he'd have me come up and lead the Hokey Pokey, ;-) (you have to have been in one of my classes to get why that is so funny.)

It's funny to admit how passionate I can be about safety, when just a year ago I was ready to give up facilitating this class, but sometimes you don't choose what you enjoy doing, sometimes it chooses you.

Love, peace and be careful ;-)


PS: I had a friend tell me this morning that come day 365, I better not stop writing because she won't have anything to read at breakfast anymore. Don't worry, I don't have any plans to stop once this year is over, but we never know where life will take us.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 160 of 365

It's been a bit of an emotional day, but it's also been a long few weeks. Being by myself for the past few weeks has been nice but it has also been a bit lonely. I have friends that crave being alone and I will admit it is nice now and then, but I am ready for Mom and my BFF to home again. When you get used to a schedule of sorts it's hard when things change. I have come to many realizations about myself, I am a homebody by nature. Even though I like traveling and exploring, it isn't so fun when you are alone. It's always nice to share those adventures with someone else, to share those memories. I also realized I like doing projects when I have a deadline to meet. I know it bugs my mom to no end but that's how I feel. I am a planner of sorts but when it comes to cleaning, I have mentioned this before, when I clean I also have to organize along the way. I can't do one then the other. Kind of like when I create rice krispee creations. I can't say, I am going to make a bunny because more than likely it will end up being a turkey or something else. I have to go with where my imagination takes me at the moment, kind of like when I blog. It is very rare I have a topic in mind before I sit down at the computer. Sometimes I have to just type about the first thing in my mind unless something really bugged me that day or got me excited. Maybe that's what makes my blog so interesting at times. As Forrest Gump's Mama said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never sure what you are gonna get." Life, love and a box of chocolates Musicsongbird

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 159 of 366

So, the phonelines are down at my house so no internet but thamlfully my phone is cooperating with me. so this may come as a shock to some but I started seeing an acupuncturists last week to help me with my sinus problems. I can hear some of the critics now saying I'm going against my beliefs but I believe it takes just as much space to trust in eastern medicine as it does in western medicine, besides I believe that God led me to a place that can finally help me feel better without having to take all of those medicines all the time. since december I have been to the doctor every month at least once a month for a sinus infection, in the past week I have slept so well and I am finally breathing better. I thank God everyday for bringing this place to my attention and for allowing me to trust this was the right move for me. what I am learning from this is that when you focus on taking care of 1 party your body many times it will also help another part of your body. just like when you make a small change in your life I can have a big affect on you in the long run by opening yourself up to making other small changes. as I write about this I'm having a joy bubble thinking about how I am doing better for myself, not just threw going to this acupuncturist but also because I registered for my first 5 k race today. my older brother has totally inspired me, in the future maybe I would like to do a half marathon, but for now small baby steps. Love, peace and believe in it safe and you make their yours and no one elses Musicsongbird this blog was voice texted tonight please forgive any errors Get a 100% FREE Online Diet

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 158 of 365

Sometimes when we make simple changes in our lives, a new hair style, a new outfit, a temporary change of scenery, it really opens our eyes in a new way. We may be more relaxed or feel a little more confident, it may even add another spring to our step. Don't you just love that feeling?

As I make small changes in my life I am noticing those tiny joy bubbles, where I just feel a little better each time I realize the steps I have taken to better things for myself.  I get a joy bubble when I mark something off my to do list, or when I see a comment about my writing. You probably thinking, she has gone off the deep end again, what the heck is a joy bubble? Well, it's something I just put a name to. It's that feeling you get when you feel that happiness just bubble up inside you. It makes your heart smile, so I call it a joy bubble.

Be sure to acknowledge and celebrate your joy bubbles, don't just dismiss them and push them aside. A little self appreciation never hurt, in fact it can help. Acknowledging your accomplishments no matter how big or small will encourage you to the next step forward in your life.

love, peace and let the joy bubbles out!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 157 of 365

My sweet Mom sent me this email today and for once I feel like I am out of words today, especially after reading this. It makes me stop and truly think about, how I will use this today in my own life. Even if you have read it in the past it rings so true again today. What have you put off trying to accomplish because you are waiting for the right time to do it?

The Daffodil Principle 
Several times my daughter had telephoned to say, "Mother, you must come to see the daffodils before they are over." I wanted to go, but it was a two-hour drive from Laguna to Lake Arrowhead "I will come next Tuesday," I promised a little reluctantly on her third call.

Next Tuesday dawned cold and rainy. Still, I had promised, and reluctantly I drove there. When I finally walked into Carolyn's house I was welcomed by the joyful sounds of happy children. I delightedly hugged and greeted my grandchildren.

"Forget the daffodils, Carolyn! The road is invisible in these clouds and fog, and there is nothing in the world except you and these children that I want to see badly enough to drive another inch!"

My daughter smiled calmly and said, "We drive in this all the time, Mother." "Well, you won't get me back on the road until it clears, and then I'm heading for home!" I assured her. "But first we're going to see the daffodils. It's just a few blocks," Carolyn said. "I'll drive. I'm used to this."

"Carolyn," I said sternly, "please turn around." "It's all right, Mother, I promise. You will never forgive yourself if you miss this experience."

After about twenty minutes, we turned onto a small gravel road and I saw a small church. On the far side of the church, I saw a hand lettered sign with an arrow that read, " Daffodil Garden ." We got out of the car, each took a child's hand, and I followed Carolyn down the path. Then, as we turned a corner, I looked up and gasped. Before me lay the most glorious sight.

t looked as though someone had taken a great vat of gold and poured it over the mountain peak and its surrounding slopes. The flowers were planted in majestic, swirling patterns, great ribbons and swaths of deep orange, creamy white, lemon yellow, salmon pink, and saffron and butter yellow. Each different-colored variety was planted in large groups so that it swirled and flowed like its own river with its own unique hue. There were five acres of flowers. 

"Who did this?" I asked Carolyn. "Just one woman," Carolyn answered. "She lives on the property. That's her home." Carolyn pointed to a well-kept A-frame house, small and modestly sitting in the midst of all that glory. We walked up to the house. 

On the patio, we saw a poster. "Answers to the Questions I Know You Are Asking", was the headline. The first answer was a simple one. "50,000 bulbs," it read. The second answer was, "One at a time, by one woman Two hands, two feet, and one brain." The third answer was, "Began in 1958" 

For me, that moment was a life-changing experience. I thought of this woman whom I had never met, who, more than fifty years before, had begun, one bulb at a time, to bring her vision of beauty and joy to an obscure mountaintop. Planting one bulb at a time, year after year, this unknown woman had forever changed the world in which she lived. One day at a time, she had created something of extraordinary magnificence, beauty, and inspiration. The principle her daffodil garden taught is one of the greatest principles of celebration.

That is, learning to move toward our goals and desires one step at a time--often just one baby-step at time--and learning to love the doing, learning to use the accumulation of time. When we multiply tiny pieces of time with small increments of daily effort, we too will find we can accomplish magnificent things. We can change the world ... 

"It makes me sad in a way," I admitted to Carolyn. "What might I have accomplished if I had thought of a wonderful goal thirty-five or forty years ago and had worked away at it 'one bulb at a time' through all those years? Just think what I might have been able to achieve!" 

My daughter summed up the message of the day in her usual direct way. "Start tomorrow," she said. 

She was right. It's so pointless to think of the lost hours of yesterdays. The way to make learning a lesson of celebration instead of a cause for regret is to only ask, "How can I put this to use today?" 

Use the Daffodil Principle. Stop waiting.....
Until your car, home or bills are paid off
Until you get a new car or home
Until your kids leave the house
Until you go back to school
Until you finish school
Until you clean the house
Until you organize the garage
Until you clean off your desk
Until you lose 10 lbs.
Until you gain 10 lbs.
Until you get married
Until you get a divorce
Until you have kids
Until the kids go to school
Until you retire
Until summer
Until spring
Until winter
Until fall
Until you die... 

There is no better time than right now to be happy. 
Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
So work like you don't need money.
Love like you've never been hurt, and, Dance like no one's watching.

If you want to brighten someone's day, pass this on to someone special. I just did!

Wishing you a beautiful, daffodil day!

Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin. ~anonymous

Don't wait until it's too late. We only get one shot at life, we need to make it a great one! 

Love, peace and take time for the daffodils...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 156 of 365

Passion, what a powerful word. Each of us says it and it evokes a different feeling within us. I can be passionate about a person, or a place or something I do. As I prepare to go home for my 20th High School reunion next month I remember a time when I was passionate about so many different things. New Kids on the Block is definitely towards the top of the list. I ate, drank, slept and breathed the New Kids. From collectibles, to music, to writing stories about them, You could definitely say I was passionate about them. The other thing kids from class would say is that I was passionate about my religion. The other music I listened to, the shirts that I would wear, the words I would speak would show my passion for my beliefs.

As I look back on those days I can see where in some ways I was so right on target and others where I was so far off.  I can totally see with clearer vision now how even though my motives were pure, my actions weren't always what Jesus would do. Now I am afraid one of my best friends still views my christian beliefs based on how I was back then, instead of how it is right now. I have always had this personality that draws people to me and I am afraid that in the past I didn't use it the way God intended me to.  So, now I want to be passionate about the person God has made me to be, the sometimes Loud, outgoing, singing, writing, shoulder to cry on, friend when you need one, ear to listen, heart to love, person I can be. I want to strive to be passionate in everything I do, no matter how small the task or deed.

Love, peace and stir within me the passion to succeed

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 155 of 365

Not a day goes by that I don't miss my dad. Especially today as I was driving back from buying the "World's Best Cat Liter," yes that is the actual name and it lives up to that name for sure. My car wasn't driving right and then I think I saw a little smoke coming from out of the hood. So as soon as I could pull over I checked the oil and ran into Walmart and bought some and then popped the hood again and put it in. The whole time all i could think of was how my dad didn't teach me a lot about cars but he did teach me how to check the oil and how to put it in.

 So very often I hear kids and teenagers say such awful things to their parents even after they just spent a ton of money to bring them into Disney and are buying them everything they look at, it just makes me sad. I am going to sound a little old but back in my day we didn't talk back to our parents and scream at them in public because it would get us a whole heap of trouble. Also, when I was old enough to walk, I walked. We have parents of 8 year old and up renting strollers for their children. When the parents balk at the rental price we suggest that a wheelchair would be cheaper and you know what response we get? "I don't want them to be embarrassed by being seen in a wheelchair." WHHHHOOOOOOAAAA!!! Hold the phone mom and dad, you are ok with your 10 year old riding in a stroller but you are embarrassed for them to be in a wheelchair? Why don't you have your lazy kid walk? Walking is healthy. You never heard Laura Ingles (Little House on the Prairie) complain that she needed a stroller to get around. We are raising a nation of lazy kids. There is no more getting up to change the channel, heaven forbid they get up to change their game in their X-box or Wii, and we don't even have to get up to answer the phone anymore thanks to wireless and cell phones. Is Wall*E a true vision of our world to come?
Let's hope not....

Love, Peace and get out and walk!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 154 of 365

I am so bad at making lists..Well, scratch that...I am good at making them just bad at completing the tasks I made for myself on them. Sometimes I think the only way to accomplish things is for me to post the things I need to get done in my blog so that I have all of you to hold me accountable... So, I am not doing very well with my weight. I doesn't see, to matter with my body what I eat, it doesn't want to let go of the weight. So, I think I need to take the focus off of the weight and focus it back on making simple changes in my diet and exercise routines, maybe then I will start to see changes in my body. People always say when you stop looking that's when you find things, maybe when I stop looking to loose weight I will find I actually am loosing. Love, peace and just stop looking... musicsongbird

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 153 of 365

What a crazy day this has been. And as you can read I am back online!!!! I just love internet companies... So I really enjoyed my first Midnight showing of an opening movie, so that is another check mark off my to do list for 2011/2012. Yipee!!! Snow White and the Huntsman was quite good, however I wish Kristen Stewart would learn how to smile once in awhile, she can't always play every part as Bella from Twilight. Bravo to the special effects and the costumers and loved seeing Chris Hemsworth in another summer flick! (Loved him as Thor) MegaKutos to Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones, Johnny Harris and Brian Gleeson, you will be blown away at these special effects and their fantastic acting. I won't say it's the best movie ever, but I will say it did a great job of bringing a fantastic fairy tale to the screen in live action. Only getting roughly 4 hours of sleep before waking up was not so magical but I to get a special project over to work in time for a going away party for two of our Merchandise Managers and then back across Kissimmee to a much needed hair appointment then back across Kissimmee, after a quick lunch, to work for the party. After all of that I am ready for a long restful sleep. I am typing but I am barely keeping my eyes open and I can't touch type so maybe tomorrow more wisdom will spill forth but until then... love, peace and you gotta love magic musicsongbird

Day 151 of 365

My internet is back!!!! See here is Wednesday's Blog! I think I am an extremely tolerant person, but sometimes there are those people you come across that you just lose your patience from the moment they open their mouth. The kind of person that claims to know it all but every five minutes they are coming over to ask you questions that don’t relate to anything in particular or in my case they come over and try to “help” me train MY trainee. I know this makes me sound like a heartless person but the truth is when I am trying to a new cast member, don’t try and do my job for me. I have been doing this job for 4 years and if I have a question about something I don’t have a problem asking for help. So until I do so, please don’t interfere or I may not be so magical when I pull you backstage and tell you in no uncertain terms how you are bothering us. Oh, and if I am having a conversation with a guest and you can see it is very involved don’t interrupt because no one is paying attention to you. Obviously if the guest wanted to talk to you they would have approached you. It’s called courtesy, it’s one of the four keys, comes after safety, perhaps you remember that vaguely? Sorry for the rant but even though I had yet another amazing evening training, there is always that one extra hours person that doesn’t get it. Love, peace and hold your tongue Musicsongbird