Day 150 of 365

So, I once again have to thank Mama V for the fantastic magnet she gave me to encourage my training for Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K on November 10, 2012. It is on the most visited door in my house...the refrigerator door. It helps remind me of what I am striving for.

So if you have been reading for awhile or at least for the past week you will know that I am beginning to train for the 5K as I mentioned above and you will also know that I have begun saving for the registration cost. Well, when I was working this week a dear friend and co-worker of mine came up and told me that they wanted to contribute to my training by paying for my race entry fee. I almost started crying as I am about to as I type this. Like many of you know I started this blog as continued therapy for myself and to complete a challenge I had made to myself. Now I have so many of you wonderful friends and friends I have yet to meet wanting to help me reach other goals I have. To my friend (sponsor) you have know idea what a blessing this is to me. If I wasn't able to come up with the fee I probably would have just backed out like I do on so many things that are healthy or good for me.  I have another co-worker that is working with me on a training plan so that by November I can complete the 5K with no problems.

So thank you thank you and thank you.

Love, peace and thank you for the blessings.

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