Day 148 of 365

Almost thought I wasn't going to get to blog tonight. About 8:00 I heard an explosion in the distance and then a few seconds later the house went dark. So like a logical person I called the electric company where I was told that no one else had reported the outage in my area, that I was the first and they would try and get it restored by 11pm. A little bit later there was a knock at the door and it was my neighbor coming to check if my electric was out as well, which of course it was so we went outside to chat while it was still light and after seeing a few more neighbors out we coon learned that the whole block was out. Ironically enough four other neighbors had called and were told they too were the ONLY ones that had reported the outage. HA! So, my one neighbor from across the street called and when he too was told he was the ONLY one that had called he said, "funny that is the same thing my other neighbors have been told, so why don't you investigate this a little more because one of ,y neighbors is on oxygen and needs the electricity to run it." Well when customer service looked again, low and behold there were actually not, 1, not 4 but 22 houses that were without power. So how can 5 different people call and they are all the first and no one else had reported it. Really?

Well, I heard the transformer blow so I know it wasn't just me. The funniest part was I received a voice mail from the electric company stating the outage had been caused by animals... Lol!!! My neighbor and I both heard the transformer blow so unless an animal got to close to the power source...well I'm no electrician but it made me laugh.

So going from possibly no blog to a run on paragraph of a blog, I would say I had a crazy night. Now, I think it's time to say adieu.

Love,peace and always keep candles on hand (and something to lite them with)

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