Day 147 of 365

What a relaxing evening. Don't you just love when you rediscover a hobby you love? I was asked to help create a very special gift for someone and was given a short time to do it, but I love a challenge and so I agreed to take it on. So tonight after I did laundry, watered the flowers here and at the neighbors, cooked and ate dinner, I sat down with brush and hand and began to paint. Even thought I know this is just the test before I do the real one, I wanted to make sure it would be something I would be proud to show. Don't you wish that is how everyone was? That they always gave their best?

But I know we are all human and we have our short comings. Sometimes it's hard to do our best when it isn't our passion. Today I heard someone make a comment, "well, he didn't work as hard because he didn't like his area, but now that he is in an area he likes, he does a great job."

I know I have failed in this way a lot lately and it is something I want to do better with. I feel like as a leader within my peers they look to me for guidance and support and if I'm not giving it my all then they don't feel like they do either. Even though I'm not always happy about what I am doing right now, I can't let that effect my work ethic. I need to look inside and remind myself why I wanted to do my role to begin with and do the best job I can do until my next role comes along.

love, peace and patience

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