Day 144 of 365

I have to start out by saying thank you Momma V., you know who you are. When you gave me that magnet tonight I realized someone besides my immediate family really cares about me and really supports me and I am so glad to call you friend.

I must have needed to hear about branches and roots again because Rachel on Glee sang about who she needed to grow roots before branches last night and I think that is true in life. I was talking with a co-worker today and we were discussing how a lot of people in our lives have been trying to push us into meeting men because they want us to be happy and we both feel that right now we need to figure out who we are before we jump into pursuing any relationships. For me I think the words of the song rings true, that I need to grow roots (in who I am) before growing branches (reaching out to new relationships). Of course I paraphrased a bit and may have written as my own version but it spoke to me in that way.

I have seen too many relationships fall apart because people weren't ok in their own skin before jumping into a relationship or even marriage and those situations didn't end happily ever after. So I am going to reach for being happy with me first and the rest will come in time.

Love, peace and take your time...
Remember the finest wines get better over time...

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