Day 142 of 365

A...MAZ...ING! Went to the Disney Art of Animation Resort today for the open mouse. It was incredible! This is my first time getting to see a resort before it is seen or touched by guests. We were able to take our time and walk through the Main building, see the Nemo section and than the Radiator Springs section as well. I can't wait to stay there or at least go and eat there! For a value resort it is so cool. I can't wait for a bunch of friends or family to come down so we can stay there!

Seeing all of the imagination and creativity that went into it, makes me proud to be a member of the Disney family. We were greeted by every cast member we passed. The story lines and themed greetings were so impressive.

It really has inspired me to want to do some creative things of my own, so sit back and see where these dreams will take us!

Love, peace and inspiration
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