Day 138 of 365

I am in love with Pintrest but the worse problem with it is all of the food recipes. Correction, all of the dessert recipes! The more I see the more I pin, the more I pin the more I want to try. So, this is why I have changed my FB profile pic to the pic to the right. It's a constant reminder to me that I can pin all I want as long as I don't consume all I pin.

A friend gave me some great advice about eating recently. Make sure you leave desserts as just that... dessert. And then only have enough that you will actually enjoy.

Be an active eater.

What does that mean? Actively pay attention to what you are putting into your mouth and how it makes you feel. As you are eating your meal pay attention to how your body responds. Allow yourself to actually taste the food. If you are eating and just chewing and consuming your food, how do you know if you even like it? Also, if you take time when you are eating you allow your body the time to decide if it is satisfied. Notice I didn't say full? If we eat until we are satisfied we won't over indulge.

Going back to my point about dessert, try and share it with who you are with. If you do that you won't consume as much. If you think about it, after a few bites most of us are just eating it to finish it, not because we are savoring each bite.

Love, peace and eat with a purpose

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