Day 137 of 365

God just continues to amaze me every day... He knows exactly when my heart needs lifting because he sends sweet people from every walk of life to encourage me and lift me up.

Struggling not only with depression but poor self image as well, in one part of my mind I know what I do makes a difference to others at work but there are just some days I can't see it. Well today must have been one of those days or those days where you wonder why you do what you do because I was getting all kinds of love and support from my fellow cast members around me.

I went over to say hello and introduce my new trainee to two of my cast members in the shop we were going to be working in and they started telling her and each other about what a happy person I always am and how fun I make everything. All I could do was say thank you. Than after awhile we were working on the other side of the store when I was hugged from behind. When I turned around it was another area trainer that I had trained. She had balloons floating behind her back and a celebration button stating she had won a guest service award. When she was telling me about receiving the award she kept telling me how everything she does that's magical for our guests is because of what she learned on her first day training with me.

Lately some of my fellow team mates and I have been talking about how so very often our position is kind of thankless. We don't get recognized by management very often because they look at us with an attitude of, well that's just part of their job, but for anyone it is nice to know when you are doing a good job. Well, I realized tonight, I don't need a special certificate that says what I do makes a cast tell me I do. At one point this evening I had a kind of Twilight Zone experience when I stopped and looked around the shop I was working in and all four of the other cast members had been my trainee for apart or all of their training, and looking around I saw first hand, the impact of my behavior and attitude.

I saw cast members taking pride in what they do and having a great time doing it. Not one of the men or women in the that shop were bored or complaining. They were doing what they needed to do to make the shop look good and making sure to take time with all the guests that came in to visit.

Love, peace and learning to look past what I see on the outside to see how others see me

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