Day 135 of 365

I have now made it 9 days without having a soda or sweet tea. Some may not think that is a very big deal but for me, I see it as a mini milestone. If this is one I can get past then I can pass other milestones as well. 

I was once told it only takes 6 weeks to make or break a habit. There are many habits I have broken in my life and unfortunately I have made as well. So I feel like I have finally come to that place in my life where bad habits need to be broken and good ones that need to be made. 

Obviously I am in the habit of writing everyday and I am way past the 6 weeks, now it has just become a way of life for me. That's what I want to do is make those new habits into a way of life for myself. As the week moves forward I am going to look at my day to day activities and see what other things I can change from once in awhile items to daily items. 

love, peace and new habits!

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