Day 133 of 365

So, continuing on from yesterday....

I want to congratulate and wish all of my girlfriends that are new mom's over this past yea, or the past few years. It has been such a pleasure watching your tummies grow and to now get to see the lovely babies that are here for you to raise and love. You are truly blessed. I hope this first mother's day is amazing and remember to treasure every moment you have with your little ones as you watch them grow.

To my surrogate moms, those wonderful ladies that have given me advice, that have held my hand through tough times when my own Mom was miles away. My Disney Moms, you are all so very special to me. I am so blessed to have you in my life and to call you friends and to know I can trust you and rely on you.

To my Other-Mother via my BFF, thank you for your advice, your friendship and your love.

To my Sisters, thank you for loving and taking care of my Brothers (they both need it) and my Nieces and Nephews. I am so glad to have you in my family. I love you both so very much and thanks for straitening my wings now and then. ;-)

If you haven't thanked the Moms in your life for what they do and who they are then take the time. Let them know how much you care.

Love you

Peace, love and a Mother's Hug

Don't worry Mom, I didn't forget you....

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