Day 130 of 365


I have to get this out of my system before I let it consume me. I know this person that takes every little thing to heart and they let it consume their entire life to the point where everyone around them suffers because they constantly complain about how they think this person or that person is out to get them. Or if something happened weeks or even months ago they keep reliving it and rehashing it to the point where they can relive those exact feelings of hurt and bring them to the surface. Did I mention all of these things revolve around their job?

If you are feeling this way on a daily basis and you let it all bottle up inside you are never going to be happy. You have got to learn to let things go. All of those feelings inside are toxic to you. If you are feelings these things every time you are at work than maybe that job is not the one for you. If someone comes to you and vents to you because they are angry about a situation, they aren't yelling at YOU they are yelling about the situation and you can not take it personal.

Ok, so I am feeling better now that I gotten it out of my system. But seriously, if I found myself in a job where I am constantly feeling this way, and I have, I decide it is time to move on and find a better fit.

Love, peace and release

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