Day 129 of 365

I love the Little Couple on TLC. It just shows you that no matter what you look like from outward appearances, what matters is the size of your heart.

I have a real hard time with my appearance in my mind. When I look into the mirror it can be hard to see the good. I see the too much extra weight and a hair style that is blah and I am just unhappy with me. I know I have talents in many things, and I am told I am fun and engaging and make people smile, but I can't get past the outer shell.

It's sad that I can dish out all this advice to others but I can't take it for myself. Isn't that how it always is? I still have such a disconnect between my mind and my body. In my mind I am not as heavy as I am in reality but pictures don't lie. I am sure I have written about this before but it is just weighing heavy on my mind with the Reunion coming up.

So I have been soda free now since Saturday. Three whole days!!!! Yeah and NO sweet tea either! Go Me! It only takes 6 weeks to break a habit or make a new one and I have now worked outside at home three days in a row!!!! I am getting my body moving, even if my foot hurts while doing it. And I am feeling better and I believe I am sleeping better also. So little things are getting better.

Love, peace and small changes make a big difference!

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