Day 128 of 365

Do you ever have those days where you work all day and you feel totally exhausted and all you want to do is relax? Well, that is how I felt today, but my mom had other things in mind. So I changed into my grungies and headed outside to scrub the front awning. Since mother nature helped out with pre-wetting everything I went pretty well and I have to admit I feel better now that it's complete. Now I just need to remember this feeling every night so I can continue in this frame of mind, you know exercising. 

I have done pretty good with my new drinking habit. Well except for Saturday, I had a ginger ale at lunch because it reminded me of cerveza. ;-)

We said Happy Retirement to a 23 year Disney veteran today. He spent most of his time working in Club Cool (once Ice Station Cool), I learned more from him about the inner workings of the syrup room than I ever thought I would know. Some thought he was a cranky older guy or a little wacky but I thought he was a sweet man that really loved what he did on a daily basis. If he wasn't on the floor keeping the shop clean, or as clean as you can keep a free soda place, he was in the back making sure the pop kept flowing. I loved watching him interact with the kids that came in to try the cokes. He would always ask them about school or what their favorite hobby was. He will truly be missed, he was even asked to "bless" the drink pods before he clocks out for the last time. 
Happy Retirement King of Club Cool! 

Love, peace and always Coca Cola ;-)

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