Day 127 of 365

So, I am going home in July for my 20th High School Reunion, and I am having mixed emotions... I am going to see all of these people, some of which I have not seen in the last 20 years and some I haven't seen since I left almost 5 years ago. I'm not worried about the High School ones, I am actually more anxious to see my church family.  My life has changed quite a bit since leaving and I want to share with them the changes I have made and the challenges I have over come. Plus, I get to sing and I haven't really gotten to do that in forever.

With as much time as I get to entertain the guests, belting out a melodious tune isn't usually a part of my day unless it's in the privacy of my car and that's when I have my mini concerts. I would love to be able to record another album. Maybe in the future when my bills are paid and I can tuck aside a little extra. My Aunt and Uncle keep asking when I am going to make a new one because he is wearing out my first one. 

I am going to get up on my soap box for a minute about our reunion, so I am speaking on behalf of the classmates that are traveling to get home for this shindig. In my job I don't make a ton of money and the cost to fly home, time off work, meals out and than the added cost of the Reunion expenses adds up fast. Of course this is my excuse to get to see a lot of family and friends but, our reunion costs are getting crazy. I am totally excited about the tour of our school and having a picnic where families are welcome is great! It's a time to really relax be ourselves and laugh and have fun. As for me, my high school reunion is ending there. For many others that are choosing to spend the money there will be a dressy dinner downtown at some fine dinning restaurant/banquet hall. For me I just can't justify that added expense if I have already spent like 4 or 5 hours with everyone already, why do I need to spend one days pay to hangout with them for an additional 4 to 5 hours. I'm sorry if that disappoints some but I had to speak out for the little man. It makes me sad because I know some class mates that won't be going because getting there is just too much money. 

Regardless of how much time I spend with everyone I know it will be a great time of reminiscing and getting reacquainted and who knows what will come of it. What I do know is I am a little less anxious now and a lot more excited...for the whole weekend. (especially singing ;-) )

Love, peace and sing your heart out

Anyone interested in my first album. send me an email! It's contemporary christian music just $10 + shipping.

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