Day 126 of 365

We all want to be surrounded by people who genuinely love and care about us, whether it's at home or work and since most of us spend the majority of our time at work we definitely want it to be a happy place to be. I feel like I have hit the jackpot. I have talked about my Team before but I have to say it again. I am so blessed to get to play with this group on a daily basis. I have never felt so totally supported before I was a member of our current Core Team. There are 11 of us total led by the most amazing leader and a fantastic group of Coordinators. 

I know we all go through our mini issues and stresses but in the end we are all hear to support each other. We celebrate each others accomplishments and we are each others shoulders when we need to cry. I love the honesty between us and that we aren't afraid to be so with each other.  

I had dinner with part of our group this evening and one member opened her heart and shared with me how she believes I deserve to go much farther than where I am now. How she loves that I can make everyone feel comfortable and make them happy. It truly touched me that she was tearing up as she shared it with me, because I knew she wasn't just saying those things to impress my Mom, who was also with us. She was speaking from her heart and I am truly touched. I feel so incredibly blessed to have the gifts God has given me and sometimes I feel like I don't give him enough of the credit. 

I know I have said this a lot but it is so hard for me to take a compliment because I have such negative things go through my head about myself so very often. It's a battle I fight daily, and meds can only help so much. I am learning how to say thank you, but the hardest part is actually believing others words to be true and honest. 

So many people only see me from the outside, the way I act crazy and happy, but in so many ways I am the total opposite. At home and when I am "off work" I am the polar opposite. We hear guests tell us all the time, "No one can be as happy as you all are all the time can they?" Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not happy all the time, it's just a different me when I take the mask off when I am alone. 

Love, peace and learn to believe in me

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