Day 124 of 365

What an amazing day. I love when I have the opportunity to spend quality time with the people I love the most and see some beautiful things. Me, my Mom and my BFF spent the afternoon at Epcot's 19th Annual Flower and Garden Festival.

We started out at the welcome center and enjoyed seeing two different presentations on plants, as we were leaving to head out to see the World and the flowers it contained we noticed my Mom's scooter wasn't running quite right so I got it down to the Stroller location to store it and then got a wheelchair so Mom could walk with it or if she needed it could sit and we could push her. It worked out great because it held anything we acquired along the way.

As we explored the Festival together we laughed and joked, stopped to browse and of course Mom would see something she liked and then consider if she really wanted it. But what truly made this day so amazing is the ease we all fell into. My BFF doesn't have to watch out for me and my Mom, but he does. When he was wanting fish and chips from the UK, he knew that was Mom's favorite and offered to split them with her. When it was time for a potty break he offered to wait with the wheelchair. But when my Mom needed to be pushed because she was getting tired and he noticed after a bit of my pushing her that I was having pain in my hands, he stopped me, handed me the shopping bags and took over pushing the wheelchair.

No one asks him to do these things, he just does them because he wants to take care of us. I moved down here the year after him and he has been taking care of me ever since. I don't know what I would do without him and I don't ever want to find out.  I am so happy to say that he is definitely a root. (Go back a week to see what that means if you are confused).

To all of my other roots, and you know who you are, be careful because you may find yourself starring in a future blog as well. ;)

Love, peace and Forever Friends

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