Day 123 of 365

I try and learn something new all the time, like sometimes it's a new word in another language, or how to do a new task at work, or new fact like "The House of the Rising Sun," by the Animals is about a whore house..., but today I learned or maybe came to more of a realization that when we are having fun and enjoying ourselves while learning something new or refreshing ourselves on something we learned in the past, we are more likely to remember and retain it. 

I train a class at work that has a reputation for being the most boring class in the company. It isn't something that our company created but paid to utilize the information. The method in which we are "required" to deliver the information isn't nearly as exciting as watching paint dry. 

I have been training this Safety class for going on three years and when I started I was very much by the book but after talking to other facilitators over the years and really getting familiar with the script and further study on the information I have started adding more and more of my personality into it, and as I have done that I have noticed that I receive a much more positive response to the class from my participants. Even to the point where I now get stopped by cast members out in the park thanking me for teaching them and then they tell me how my class has made them safer in their daily lives. It makes me happy to know that when I am being who I am people learn. 

Today I received an email from a co-worker from another line of business telling me they were utilizing me to train their new trainers because they see how passionate I am for training. The old me wouldn't have known how to respond, the new me thanked her in the email and again face to face when I saw her. It makes me feel good that my job makes a difference to someone, that I make a difference to someone. 

If someone makes a difference in your life, don't hesitate, let them know...

Love, peace and make a difference!

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