Day 122 of 365

Sometimes I sit down to write and I am like, oh crap I wrote some really great blogs recently (yes, I am tooting my own horn), and now what am I going to write about today that can live up to that? I don't have any exciting stories about others, I don't feel like I have any little pearls of wisdom. Today was just a good day. I had some fantastic interactions with the great people I work with, I made some people laugh and realize it is OK to have fun at your job. It's OK to act silly and look like a fool because you probably won't ever see those people again and if by chance you do they are going to remember you because you made an impact on them.

So many people I know waste their lives being quiet and keep to themselves and aren't up for putting themselves out there and allow themselves the freedom of having fun. At the end of their lives they have tons of regrets over the things they never did because if the fear. I know I have said it before but it bears repeating. If you don't allow yourself to be open to new experiences than you will never have great adventures. I used to live my life ordering chicken fingers. Yes, chicken fingers. Then one day I took a chance and got adventurous and opened up myself to trying something new. I haven't looked back since. I thank my BFF for helping explore my pallet and realizing their is more to life than just Chicken Fingers.

For some people it's Chicken fingers and some it's talking to strangers, but whatever is your personal jail, take a step to break out and find a new kind of freedom!

Love, Peace and freedom from chicken fingers!!!

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