Day 140 of 365

 So I have decided that I want to start training to compete in my first 5K. I have truly been inspired by my big brother who started racing in them and now I want to also. I am a little nervous because I am not a runner, in fact when I worked for Kindercare, years ago, I had attempted to start jogging and my co-worker at the time said I wondered where you had gotten those black eyes. She was referring of course to the fact that I have a large chest and was attempting to make a joke that if I ran hard enough I may just knock myself out with all of the bouncing. Lol!

I joined a few weeks back, but like so many other things (besides this blog) I stopped recording anything in it. I guess now that I have decided to run/walk in a 5K, I need to start documenting my workouts. 

Any and all cheers of support would be appreciated. I will post when I register. The next Disney 5K is in November at Animal Kingdom. It is $50, so as soon as I have the extra money I will register. :-)

Love, peace and run like the wind Bullseye!

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