Day 97 of 365

Today has been a really great day. I spent time with my mom working on our house this morning, working side by side creating something beautiful. Until it started to rain...Then everything we drug out of the shed was crammed back in for tomorrow.

Then it was off to lunch and shopping! I feel so incredibly blessed to get to spend time with mom like I do. I don't know how I survived my first three years here in Florida without her. I'm not going to lie, I learned a lot in that time but there is nothing like spending time with your mom.

I love that we have such a close relationship and she is there for mew whenever I need her. My heart breaks for my friends that are separated from their Moms, whether by distance, anger or heaven.

I'm not going to say everything is always perfect with us but that's what great about the love we have for each other will never be broken no matter how mad either one of us gets. I count my blessings everyday I wake up and get to know she is here for me. I love you Mom.

Love, peace and a mother's hug

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