Day 96 of 365

I think anyone who is being reading my blog from the beginning knows that this is so true... I saw this as a friends post and my heart hurt a little when reading this.

I see families in my park every day that make me want to scream back at when they yell at the their child out of stress. I want to tell them, Mom, Dad it's not about you, your child is tired, hungry, hot, scared etc.... Parents yell and say stupid things like, "we paid a lot for this trip and you have to go with us and it's not about what you want to do." Hello obnoxious parent! You are the one that planned this trip for your children isn't it? So guess what? It's not about YOU Mom and Dad. If they are tired let them rest, if they are hungry get them something to eat, if they are hot take them into a cool place. And the big one is, if they get lost, and I mean this... DO NOT YELL AT THEM! They were scared enough when you weren't with them. Children are children and they rely on you to make them feel safe and loved. They didn't intentionally lose track of you but if you think of it, were you watching them well enough if they got lost in the first place?

When you are reunited praise them for finding a nice cast member to help them. DON'T YELL AT THEM. They are already freaked out enough that you were not with them. Hug them, tell them that they did good, that they were brave when Mom and Dad got lost.

I hear so many people yelling at their kids that it makes me wonder how they are treated at home when millions of strangers aren't around. If they are willing to yell at and humiliate their children in public, what worse things are they saying to them at home.

I'm not saying don't discipline your child but be mindful of how you do it. Am I saying don't spank your child? No, I had spankings when I was little and it didn't squelch my personality. But know how your treating your child. Like the post says... choose your words wisely.

love, peace and hugs

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