Day 94 of 365

Hi ho neighbors! So today was great until I went to the store on the way home. This particular store is a place I only stop at out of necessity not just for regular shopping. It's a big box store and unfortunately this one happens to be the one where I college cast and the tourists all go to so trying to run in and out is like trying to come out the victor in the Hunger games. ;-) lol! Nearly impossible.

As I zig zagged through the isles to pick up the few items I needed I went from walking with the crowd to against them and then even walking out of the way of them. Smiles were few and far between so I forced my best smile in hopes that my smile would be contagious. Well, I was doing really well with the smiling thing until I got to the holiday candy isle and I was looking for Brachs candies to scan ( I do these phone scanning reward sites that I do) and this woman behind me grabbed a big bag of Haribo Bears off the shelf and in the process and bag of tootsie rolls fell on the floor. I thought she would immediately pick them up but instead she threw her bag of bears back on the self and walked a little bit down the isle. I know what it's like to work in retail and I know what it's like to clean up after other peoples' messes so I try and put things back where I get them from to make it easier for the staff that has to clean up behind.

Let's just say I lost my smile, I turned around, walked directly over to the fallen candy, snatched them off the floor and put them back where they belonged and than made eye contact with the woman; then I turned and walked on to the next isle. Is it wrong to ask people to be courteous of others by not leaving their mess for someone else to clean up?

Love, peace and tootsie rolls

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