Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 93 of 365

Had a great day training a new trainer in my home location. It's nice to see another person that is as passionate about our company as I am and as excited to share their knowledge with the new cast. It is very sad to see the people I work with that have lost their passion, it just has become a place they come to each day, go through the motion and fake happiness but leave at a sprint after clocking out. Like staying there one more minute will result in eminent death or something equally terrible.

I spoke with two of my leaders today about the stuff I have been going through and again they reminded me that I can't let someone else poor attitude and work ethic effect me. If they want to be bitter and unhappy that is their problem. All I should do is keep being the person I am and let them have their own pity party.  The vest thing I heard today was my trainer shadow asked one of our managers what they expect from her as a new trainer and she replied to her, "Be like Musicsongbird." I was so honored to have a manager say that, it made everything I have been through this past few months worth it. Knowing no matter what they see me as a role model to new cast and new trainers. And no one can take that away from me.

love, peace and pixie dust