Day 92 of 365

Seven years ago today my baby Belle was born. She was the middle sister in her litter of three. On the third I got to meet her face to face. She was born in a little town in Illinois at my niece and nephew's house. When I walked over to the box Belle and her siblings were in with their Birth Mom Maggie. When I approached Maggie looked at me and knew the babies were safe so she took a moment to go eat and use the liter box so I could meet Belle. I know you aren't supposed to touch baby animals but I believe Maggie gave me her permission and I pet Belle on the nose. I think that sealed it for her, she knew who her Mommy was from that moment on.

Normal kittens and puppies take 8 weeks at least to ween but Belle weened herself by 6 weeks. She stopped nursing and started eating cat food. She showed her birth family she was ready to go live with her Mommy in Missouri. From the day she came home to live with me she was with me non stop. When she wanted to be held she would climb up to be held. I would go to work with the marks of her climbing all over my arms and legs. After awhile she found jumping a must easier way to get held. She would start running and launch herself into the air for me to catch her.

Seven years later she still knows the easiest way to get held is to take a running leap. She sleeps with her Mommy every night, she comes when I call, gets down when I tell her (when she is up on the kitchen table). Her favorite blankie is my old comforter and her favorite toy is Mousee. Happy Birthday Baby Girl .

I look forward to many more years of snuggling and kitty kisses. My loving baby.

Love, peace and cute little meece

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