Day 120 of 365

Why is it that when some people get into a relationship, whether it be dating or friendship, they completely forget about what matters to themselves and they only do what they believe is important to keep the other person in their life happy. Basically, they are a people pleaser. They don't see the value in their own life and time, because they are worried if they don't do things for that other person they will lose them.

It's crazy because that is me... I have spent so many years of my life trying to make others happy, through taking time away from myself to do something for them, or spending money on them that I don't really have, all because I am afraid that if i don't do these things they won't want me around. I had stopped taking care of my well being because I didn't believe I was worth it or that I mattered. But I am finally realizing after all of this time, that I can't forget about me. I spend so much time changing my plans to accommodate others, that I run out of time for me, and guess what? Usually those people I am always doing for, rarely if ever reciprocate.

So, what is the answer, how do I fix this? I change me. I have to let myself know that it is OK to say no to others, to take that time to do for me. My mental health and well being should always be my number one priority. And by the looks of the most recent photos a friend took with me, I have allowed myself to lose focus on who and what is important.

Love, peace and time for me...

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