Day 119 of 365

I have this great neighbor that stopped by this evening while I was working out in the yard. She was asking about our upcoming cable TV switch and we started chatting about different things and she told me this random story about her sweet late mother. Now, first I have to explain, my neighbor is from England and her sweet mother was a double let amputee just above her knees.

So, my neighbor used to have a Ram truck and so she would have to lift her mother into the cab and when she did her Mum would grab the Oh Crap handle, as we call it, and then pull herself into the seat. Well, this particular trip to the store she was going to help her out of her wheel chair and into the car, so she counted one, two, three and when she went to lift her Mum, her Mum passed gas rather loudly. This caused her Mum to miss the handle and fall into the foot well of the truck in a fit of hysterical laughter. The more she laughed, the more gas she would pass and so she started crying she was laughing so hard. Well, while this was happening a bystander walked over because of the noise and asked her Mum if she was ok... Well, being a sassy old English lady, she told the bystander she didn't know who the woman was. So a few minutes later an Osceola County Police officer pulled up. Her mother continued to laugh. My neighbor tried to explain to the officer that this was her mother and she was trying to funny in her British way; and so the officer asked if her daughter was usually abusive to her.   Her response was to ask him if he was trying to look up her shorts, since at this point she is still laying on her back in the foot well with her stubs flailing in the air.  He helped her up and then made sure she was really OK and then handed her mother his card and told her if she was ever being abused to call him.

Well, to make a long story longer, everything was OK in the end and she can laugh about it now, but I learned something from this...No matter what happens in life you need to find time to laugh. To enjoy the little things that make you smile. We all go through rough times, clearly my neighbors Mum had a rough time with losing her legs, but she never lost her sense of humor, no matter how off kilter it was.

Love, peace and Laugh a Lot

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