Day 116 of 365

Today was amazing. I got to train two new trainers and get to hear an incredible story and see this amazing photo of Walt Disney. My trainer trainee Shawn received this photo of Walt from her best friend, Mary, when they were younger. The man and woman in the foreground are Mary's Mom and Dad. Her dad was Gordon Yaeger, if you don't know who he is I can tell you, he flew the Rocket Belt over 700 times during his life. The Rocket Belt is a jet pack that allowed the pilot to fly through the air for up to 30 seconds. You may recognize the Rocket Belt from the James Bond classic "Thunderball," but it wasn't Sean Connery up in the air it was Gordon. 

So, you are probably thinking, "why is this such a big deal to you?" Well, it just blew me away.  One because Shawn's friend got to meet Uncle Walt face to face, but also because of the amazing thing he was able to do. This photo shows him flying low in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. I can only imagine how frightening it was to know that he was going to fly up into the air and the only thing that he had to catch his fall if the belt failed was gravity. Amazingly he only ever broke his nose or received bruises but never fell in all of the estimated 700 flights he made.

This man had to have incredible faith to trust that he would be safe. I know so many people that are afraid to trust...

Trust others, trust themselves or trust God. I just know that this mans story showed me that a little faith and trust can go a long way.

Love, trust and Faith

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