Day 115 of 365

Have you ever gotten a hug from someone it's just a simple hug? or what about that one that you stop hugging before the other person so you hug them harder because they are still hugging you? I guess I just realized the zen behind the true friend hug.

I can hear all these voices saying, the Zen of hugging? Is that even real? Well, if I say it is then it must be because I just invented it! Think about it. You run into someone you know and they give you that one arm quick hug. It's like an informal handshake.

Then you have the bro handshake. The one where two guys go for the handshake and then throw an arm around each other.

You have the Aunt that always tries to kiss you on the mouth hug where you force your head sideways and just hug them hard to avoid lip contact and you strain your neck.

One of my favorites is the hug of someone you really love or care about...That's the one where you snuggle in and you don't want to let go and neither do they. The one that says I am home.

I have to be honest, I don't get a ton of those but the few that I have gotten are from my family and the closest of my friends (you know who you are).

Love, peace and Giant hugs

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