Day 112 of 365

Please pardon any typos, bloggin from my phone...from the french quarter deep in the heart of ...Disney! I have to admit I was a little nefvous Bout meeting and spending the wvening with not one but two women I have never met and another one I haven't seen in nearly 12 years, but it has been amazing. We have laughed and laughed some more. You would thimk as we get older we would get braver but I think we r so much braver when we are younger. I remember back when we were kids and it didnt matter who came over to play and if u knew them or not, all were welcome. Now we r so afraid what others will think of us that we r fearful of what others will think. So lets try and take some time to remember that strangers are possible friends that,we just havent met yet. Love, peace and strangers have the best candy Musicsongbird

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