Day 111 of 365

It's funny, when we are younger we believe are friendships will last forever. We even write things like Friends forever and Love you like a sister in each other's yearbooks. I can't tell you how many people wrote that in my books over the years or that I wrote it in, but in reality a lot of people we are friends with in High School have a tendency to slip away, even a huge chunk of those you get close to in college. I remember hanging out with tons of people during those years, thinking years from now we will all be hanging out having families together and raising our kids and working together. Am I the only one that thought this?

Since I am having a record year of seeing friends from the past, this weekend included, it has made me think about my past relationships and reflect on the legitimacy of them. I was very good friends with a person throughout Jr. and Sr. High that I met up with a few years back. The short time spent with them was awkward almost like I was being humored when I talked about my life since the good old days as a wildcat. Like what I was doing with my life now was beneath them? Of course upon parting ways promises of keeping in touch were made but shortly after we never really spoke again. It again reminded me of the old saying, if you love something let it go... In this case I truly believe it was better to let go...

Isn't it crazy how life totally doesn't end up the way we thought it would all those years ago? I am still close to maybe 5 people I was friends with in High School and even less with who I met in college. The people I am closest to are the ones that have stuck with me through thick and thin, that have been with me at my best and seen me at my worst. (Yes, they have seen me ugly cry.)

If I could go back in time, would I tell the younger me not to waste my time on those others I once call BFF? No, because those times have made me into who I am today. Would I warn myself to guard my heart a little better?  No, because those sad times have also made me into the woman I am now. Stronger, wiser and crazier than anyone ever thought I would be.

Peace, love and Friends Forever ;)

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