Day 110 of 365

Why do we hold on to hurtful feelings like, hate and jealousy? I am the queen bee when it comes to this. I wasted nearly 20 years of my life harboring resentful jealous feelings towards a person that didn't deserve it. I have missed out on a potentially great friendship because of my own behavior.  I feel horrible for ever feeling this way towards another person. It's crazy I can choose to forgive someone who did a horrible thing to me when I was a child but I can't forgive someone else that was just living their own life?  I'm sure some money hungry shrink somewhere is thinking that they could make mega money off of my story of lunacy.

Everyone always says that when you have a problem that controls your life you have to hit rock bottom before you can look up to find your way out of the hole you are in.

Love, peace and forgiveness

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