Day 107 of 365

We need to learn to listen to our bodies. This winter / spring I have really been struggling with sinus problems off and on, more on than off. I am learning through all of this that when my body starts to feel different, not in a good way, then it means sinus problems are coming.  When we start paying attention to what our body is telling us, then we will begin to get better.

You are probably thinking, alright..where are you going with this? I have battled a food addiction since I was young. I ate to feed my emotions. The young me didn't have another outlet to deal with the craziness of my early years and food was safe to me. The more I ate the better I felt. Unfortunately, all of that food added on the weight. I have struggled for more than 30 years and I not only do I want the struggle to be over, I need it to be so I can be a healthy weight. I need to learn to listen better to my body.

So how do I listen or more specifically what am I listening for?

  1. Slow down when I eat. 
    • Take time between bites. 
    • Don't finish before everyone else at the table
    • Take time to enjoy the food I am consuming
  2. Pay attention how my body reacts to what I eat
    • If I keep track of what I have at meals and then how my body reacts to certain foods I will know what works for me and what I need to avoid
  3. Am I sleeping good?
    • Try not to eat so late, I don't sleep as well
    • get enough sleep, GO TO BED when I am tired
This is my list, but maybe if we all take time to listen to our bodies we will make better choices for ourselves and with that we will gain so much. Gain more energy and better health just to name a few things. 

So, I am going to start listening and we will see where it takes me....

Love, peace and I'm gonna get some sleep

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