Day 105 of 365

I had a pretty good day today. I was teaching the safety class at work and during my first class one of my co trainers sat in for a bit. Afterward she told me how much she loves to see me teach, how I can make a class as boring as Safety seem interesting and enjoyable and memorable. 

Then following my second class, one of the international cast members stayed behind. She said, "I want to tell you and I mean this very much. You are my idol. I want to be like you. You are always smiling and having fun. You make great jokes and you made the class fun." She went on to ask if I am sensitive. I thought it was a strange question, then she went on to say that being sensitive is bad.  I explained to her that I am sensitive to the needs of others, that in the past I was much more emotionally sensitive to what others would say to me, but through the jobs and experiences I have had, I have had to grow a toughness, like a shell, to protect myself from things others may say. I try to not let the hurtfulness of others effect me like it used to. By keeping a positive outlook, I try and bring happiness to those around me by being positive. 

Her final words were, that she believes that happiness in contagious and I fully agree. I have seen what sadness can do to myself and how my being sad or frustrated or hurt can effect the ones around me. How it effects my friends and family, even my team at work. Like the old saying goes, "when momma's unhappy nobodys happy."  

Now that I sit back and look at the day, I woke up knowing I was going to be facing someone I have been struggling to get a long with lately, but I was determined not to let it effect my day. And you know what? By the end of the day, they were laughing and joking with me. The hurt part of me would say, "they were only nice to you because you were there and they had no one else to talk to." But I am going to believe that change is possible. That maybe they are seeing themselves in a different way and realizing what a jerk they were and that things need to change. I believe that God can change anyone if they allow Him to work in them. And maybe just maybe He has done a change in me as well. Giving new eyes through the special people He has put into my path. 

Love, peace and forgiveness

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