Day 102 of 365

Tonight I went to the Home Owners Association Meeting where I live. I do not enjoy going to them but I promised my mom I would go because of the special meeting they were having about some upcoming changes in our neighborhood. I know as we get older things start to go, like sight and hearing but apparently patience isn't far behind. In fact I would have to relate it to when I worked in a day care. I think I had more control over a room full of Toddlers than the HOA President had tonight.

It was like everyone was chattering and they would ask them to be quiet so everyone could hear and then as soon as a member of the board was up they would all start chattering again and then people couldn't hear, so they would be asked to be quiet again. If that weren't enough the snarky comments from people thinking they are being quiet but because they are older they talk louder so I can hear them from across the room. They are worse than Teenage girls.

The guest speakers were brought in and ask to basically let the members know what services they offer, well that sparked personal questions from the group that had nothing to do with the group. So, needless to say it was an interesting night. I just learned that the older I get, the more patience I need to pray for.

love, peace and patience

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