Day 101A of 365

Yeah Bonus blog!

So, what am I doing up so horribly early? I can't sleep. I woke up having a hard time breathing and so I came to the living room to get my inhaler. That was 2.5 hours ago. The tightness in my throat scared me something awful. Even after puffing the only thing that felt better was my pulse. The pain in my throat continued. An hour and 45 minutes later I decide maybe it's heart burn... BINGO!

However, I am still awake...

I am on three different meds and atleast two of them can mess with your sleep. SURPRISE!

I have played my facebook games now I am trying writing. I just want to sleep but all I do is lay there. This is not magical by any means. I guess I could clean. I just have to be quiet about it cuz Mom is still asleep. Well, I guess I will try that.

Thanks for listening...

Love, peace and I need to get some zzzzzz's

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