Day 100 of 365

Sound the trumpets! Doot doot doot doooooo! It is Day 100 of my blog and I am still going strong! KNow what else that I can hardly believe? I have had 1,901 hits as of writing this moment! I am so incredibly blown away by the response I have gotten from my little life journey and I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog and for those that are just starting...what took you so long? lol!

So, now that I am done with the pomp and circumstance on with the journey...

So once again I have to tell everyone how much I love and appreciate my mom. She is really trying hard to get me and the way I do things that isn't always the way she would do them. Round of applause for my mom!!!! What is it that she is being patient with this time? Well, you see I am not your normal cleaner, especially if there is a project involved with cleaning. So my project that has been on going is our three season room. It has gone from being a place for me to crash before I moved in, to a storage room for all of my crap after I moved in and before I could go through it all, to a tv room, to an extra room for potential guests, to a guest room  / my craft room. So I have to get it done and there are some boxes of craft stuff and who am I kidding it's a mess. Well I have to get it cleaned up by this weekend, which for me is in two more days, and what do I do to start cleaning? I start reorganizing. See that is my thing. In my mind I see a better way for everything to fit and as I "clean" I find a place for things that make sense to me. I can't just clean everything out and then organize to me that just doesn't make sense. I would rather live with a mess until I can figure out the way I want everything to look than to clean out everything and then decorate.

So tonight, Mom and I moved some furniture and I got busy. Is it done yet? No, but it will be by Thursday. :)

Love, peace and reorganizing my life!

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