Day 90 of 365

Well, it's been a wonderfully busy work your butt off kinda day. As I sit here typing I have to stop and stretch my arms and hands and wrists because I am so sore. But it's a good sore, the kind you get from helping family and helping a friend with projects around the house that no one wants to do alone. You know like scrubbing the mold off the side of the house, or raking the billions of leaves that have fell in the yard (which is totally weird because we live in Florida and we really don't have a fall but no one told the trees that), and then sweeping, and more sweeping, and moving bricks and then sweeping even more.

It's nice to know that they appreciate the hard work you have done to help them and that they are willing to reciprocate some day. Like when veggie trays need to be made. ;-)

I know, I know we aren't supposed to do things because we expect that person to help us in return in the future, we do it because that other person has a need and we are willing to fill it. That's how it always should be. I remember when we were growing up all those years ago that if a neighbor was in need everyone would chip in and help out. Now, so many people don't even know their neighbors anymore. When I lived in my apartment when I moved down almost 5 years ago from St. Louis, I really didn't know anyone I lived by. I was lucky if people smiled when I walked by, but now because of my sweet mom and her daily walks we are both getting to know the people that live around us. Maybe it's because the majority of the people that live around us grew up in those decades where your neighbors are worth knowing or maybe God has just blessed us with friendly neighbors but it's a much different place to me now.

So, if you don't know your neighbors or don't feel comfortable walking up and starting a conversation, try to at least smile and wave now and then., you never know where that smile will lead you.

Love, peace and a little elbow grease

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