Day 89 of 365

It doesn't happen very often that you get inspired by the Muppets but it happened to me. My BFF, mom and I watched the 2011 Muppets Movie starring Kermit, Piggy, Jason Segel, Amy Adams and the rest of the Muppet gang. If you haven't seen it and you are a Muppet fan, it's definitely a must rent. I don't want to give away the story but there is a sweet new Muppet named Walter that is a huge part of it and there is the great scene with him and Gary (Jason) where Gary is having a heart to heart with Walter and he tells him basically that he needs to start seeing what others see in him and to use your talents that you are hiding deep within. To stop listening to others that are trying to keep you down. My BFF kept poking me with every point Gary made.

I also got a message on FB today from a co-worker, one of my most favorite managers in fact, that was just so encouraging. So very often people want to say things encouraging to others but don't because they don't want to sound silly or just plain don't take the time. It's a blessing to know that someone out there was compelled enough to take the time to drop me a note of encouragement. Many people have told me how great it is that I am willing to put my heart out for everyone to see, but I will tell you it is one of the hardest things I have ever done, but it is also the most gratifying things as well. My hopes and prayers for this blog is that someone else might be able to read it and see that they too are struggling with what I am struggling with and see that you can survive and that life isn't always easy but you can get through the rough stuff.

It's so hard to believe that over 20 years ago I was writing fictional stories about the New Kids On the Block and my best girl friends in spiral notebooks for our reading enjoyment and now I am blogging my life out loud.

Please keep reading and if there is someone you know that might benefit from my daily thoughts please feel free to share my blog with them as well.

Love, Peace and cheddar cheese ;)

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