Day 84 of 365

Today was garage sale day!!! I know how much we all just love going through all those boxes of things we have put away to save because we may "need them later," but realistically they never see the light of day again. So, last fall mom and I already went through all of my stuff from moving down here, 4 years ago, and had a November garage sale. Let me tell you it was so successful.... I wish you could type sarcasm because that was such a sarcastic remark. In reality I think we made like $5, but of course our neighbor across the street was also having a sale and we spent like a $1.50 there so that cut into our profit; so in the end we boxed everything back up but with the price tags in tact and decided to wait for the sale in the spring to try again.

So, flash forward to this morning, we were out and set up and ready by 8am and let me tell you the crowds started this is only mildly sarcastic because I did make a few substantial sales in the first 30 minutes. Substantial meaning $1 and $2 versus a quarter or dime. When we ended before noon we came out with a lot less things to pack back up into boxes and $27.45 to put towards our fall vacation!

As I laid down for an afternoon nap it dawned on me, I won't ever see those things I sold to others again. It's kind of bitter sweet when you have a sale like that because if you really think about it we buy this stuff and we use it and it was important to us, it's part of our memories, than we don't use it as often so we pack it up in hopes that one day we will use it again, and then months or years later we go through the stuff that supposedly meant so much to us and we end up selling it to someone else for a mere fraction of it's original cost. Now the pessimist in me is like, what a waste of money. I am never going to make back what I originally got it for, but then the optimist in me says, you had your time and memories with it, now you are making it available to someone else to create memories with it.

Love, peace and coconut cake ;)

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