Day 83 of 365

Trying to get my magic back. My BFF is worried about me, he wants me to be happy and I want to be happy to, but my problem is I am so afraid of going backwards to go forwards. I am hoping the bully situation fixes itself but at the same time I am afraid it will only get worse. I know I am too old to be having so much fear but I know what I want to do next at WDW but the problem is that it's a waiting game.

So back to today. My BFF decided today would be a good day to take me to the Magic capital of the World to see the newest addition to the kingdom. When we pulled into the lot I was informed that because of where we were parking we should expect major crows, this just sunk my already depressed mind. Being a people pleaser though I just forced a smile and parked the car. We took the parking lot tram to the boat and crossed over to this kingdom of magic. I am still feeling the instinct to run, I don't really want to be here.

The moment we step out from beneath the train station Main Street stretched out in front of us with the beautiful castle at the end. My friend leads me to the Fire Station where they are looking for Sorcerers and begin our newest adventure.  Within minutes of gaining my Sorcerer powers we are swept into a magical world battling villains to save the kingdom. Going from spot to spot following the villains trail we finally meet Cruella and defeat her with Flowers and Frogs!

I am now floating down Main Street towards a land of Fantasy. My friend stops me and I again apologize that he has to spend his one day off in the place he spends everyday. He stops me and says, "This is what I love doing. I love sharing these surprises with you and showing you the secrets and the magic I get to experience each day."  As we walk pass the spinning Tea Cups the walk way begins to change. There are train tracks, elephant track, bear tracks and cast aside Peanut shells everywhere. When I gaze up there are Elephants soaring through the air as the Great Goofini goes soaring by on a rocket. We have entered the newly opened Storybook Circus.

It is so exciting to see all of the changes. My BFF quickly works his magic and we are walking up to join the great Goofini on a flight around Storybook. The speed of the flight is blowing away the sadness and helping me open my eyes to the magic being created around me and it makes me look at what I have been going through these past two weeks and realizing I can get passed this fear and regain my magic.

After finishing our magical journey and heading towards home my friend and I begin to talk about the pain I have been going through this week and he helps me let out my feelings and now I can honestly say I am feeling better. I am feeling stronger and ready to step forward. I am not going to allow anyone to make me feel like I am less than who I am.

Love, peace and getting Stronger

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