Day 82 of 365

I am walking on a tight rope today but I have something that has been on my mind. I have friends that look for love on-line and if that works for them that's fine but it is not for me. Reason number is all about vanity. People go immediately upon the looks of the person and not the actual person...So if you aren't photogenic and a little thicker people say nasty things or don't give you a snow balls chance at all. A pretty picture is sometimes just that, anyone can be anyone online. And reason two, how is this safe? You don't know who these people are that you are chatting with or if they say who they are. I want love in my life but not if it means giving up that life.

Now I am not saying it doesn't work but it's just not for me. If this is your way to find love, then good luck and be safe but for me I will just keep looking in my own way.

Remember, God still loves you single or not...

Love, peace and happiness

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