Day 80 of 365

So very often many are made to feel like they matter to know one. They are told they are stupid, or are liars, or ugly or worse. I don't know how anything could be worse but it can. Many of us think it's ok to be a bully or to talk bad about someone else because in some weird twisted way it makes us feel better. Well, it's not ok. When you put all your energy into being hateful toward someone you never truly know how you have hurt them and you are really doing damage to yourself as well. You show your true colors to others when you talk badly about that person, especially when what you are saying about that person isn't true.

I guess you can tell by what I wrote, I am still struggling with that person that is saying mean and untrue things about me and how I am struggling to forgive. Every time I think about what they are putting me through it makes the fresh new and it makes it that much harder to forgive.

I have some very nice and very supportive friends that are loving me through this and I thank God for them. And I am relying on God to get me through this and I am trying to let Him take care of the rest. I know he is going before me and preparing others to assist with the problem I am having with this person.

So, please remember when you start spreading untruths about others, people will see the truth about you and the untrustworthy person you are. Life is to short to spend it picking fights with others and being a bully.

Love, Peace and God's Grace

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