Day 75 of 365

So, I had a rough start to my day... Why is it that when some people that are misserable in their own lives, see someone that is happy, that they feel they need to tear that person down as well to make themselves feel better, or important?

I had this exact experience today. Its not the first time they have done it either, and they do it to others as well. Well, enough is enough. Where othefs have stood by and let this person do this damage I am standing.firm and cutting them off. They will be held accountable for their actions, this person claims to be a "leader" in their own mind, but a true leader doesnt treat those under them or around them the way this person treats others. And the appology.of, well I am goimg through a rough time at home doesnt mean anything, because you have no right to treat me or anyone else like they are less of a person for any reason.

Its time to stand up to bullys because as silly as it sounds adults can be bigger bullys than kids...

Love, peace....

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